Learn More About the Nissan College Grad Program

If you’re a recent graduate or plan on earning your diploma in the next semester, then you’ve probably already got your sights set on the future. Namely, you might be thinking about job changes, a new place to live, perhaps a new set of wheels…

College grads in the Avon, Plainfield, and Danville areas should have some help with the latter. Fortunately, the Nissan College Grad Program was designed to give them a leg up.

At Andy Mohr Avon Nissan, we’ve written The Nissan College Grad Program eBook to show you:

  • What makes you eligible
  • What to consider before buying your first post-grad car
  • Which Nissan models may fit your needs best

The Nissan College Grad Program is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates to save some money on their next vehicle purchase. Download this free eBook to learn more about it today!

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